Monday, January 04, 2010

New Years Resolutions

1. 100,000 situps

I'm not kidding either. Since starting Shinkendo, I have lost some fat and gained some muscle, but instead of 6-pack abs, I still have a full keg. So I'm going to try this experiment. 300 situps a day for 365 days is 109,500 situps. I can have 26 days off and still make this goal. We'll see if it works. Perhaps I'll post progress, though I'll spare you all the before and after pictures of my amazing disappearing potbelly.

2. Fully document my Shinkendo notes.

I have been working on a project to document each form in shinkendo. The idea is that if I have a comprehensive set of notes for each form, when Kaiso says something about it I will be able to add those quotes to the notes, see changes, note the key concepts and ideas for instruction. We at the Honbu Dojo have a unique opportunity to see Shinkendo develop, and I feel I have been losing a lot of the lessons because I just don't have time to take notes during or after every class.

By the end of 2010 I want to have a complete set of personal notes in a wiki style format. The original concept had videos of each form as well, but that isn't paramount. However, I will complete a comprehensive glossary of terms.

3. Spend at least one evening a week entirely on a creative project.

Painting, writing, working on a board game idea, Sumi-e, inventing something. I have lots of ideas that remain just that. It is time to make something tangible, which leads into my 4th and last resolution:

4. Sell one creative product.

Get a short story published, or maybe sell a boardgame idea: get paid for doing something creative that isn't work-related.

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