Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Impressions on an Interesting Election Night

I'm watching the news and it appears that a Republican has won the MA sentate election. A candidate that has the support of the Tea Party movement has taken the seat vacated by the death of the lion of the senate himself. He did it by saying he would vote against health care reform in a state that elected the most passionate proponate for HCR, Ted Kennedy.

The AP has called the race for Scott Brown. Martha Coakly is minutes away from giving her concession speech. It's over.

It's over. I wonder how much is over.

This election wasn't about MA. It's about Obama. Let's do the math:

1) He promised "Change we can Believe in." Do you feel the change? Perhaps he meant he would change "business as usual" Republicans with "business as usual" Democrats. We have all watched for the change, what we have gotten is exactly what one would predict in one-party to rule.

2) He gave huge bailouts to banks and auto manufacturers.

3) Signed a stimulus bill that was full of shameful pork with such alacrity that it was physically impossible for anyone to read. He continues to spin the success of this obvious failure by saying that he has "created or saved" millions of jobs. Does anyone believe this crap? Yes, the Obama administration seems to believe their own propaganda.

4) He has put all his eggs into HCR even as the nation shouts louder and louder that we don't want it. He failed to lead and propose legislation, and rather let the congress create the bill for him. The people of the USA have seen the horrendous deal making they need to pass the bill even with their supermajority.
5) He has lost virtually every bellwether election since getting elected himself. Dems are looking at huge losses in 2010 and if our congress continues to ignore public opinion I see is possible they could lose on of the houses.

6) He made promises about transparency of government. We now see that transparency is reserved for non-controversial subjects only. Give me a friggin' break! Obama has been as closed as the Bush admin, and that is saying something.

7) His only popular decisions have been the ones Bush made on foreign policy. With some high-profile exceptions like Gitmo and trying terrorists as criminals, Obama's foreign policy has been Bush-lite. It was a wonderful irony to see him get the Nobel peace price weeks after committing to his second surge into Afghanistan.

8) He promised to be a uniter. He has presided over one-party rule and wrote off the Republicans as irrelevant. Perhaps this election has changed his mind.

Will he have his "Clinton moment?" I wonder. If he doesn't, he will have passed all his 1st-term laws in 2009, and he will lose big in 2010 and 2012. If he crosses the aisle, slaps the dictatorship that has been congress, and actally works with the other side, he may find something people will support.

Every rooky has their moment when they realize the majors are hard. I hope he finds a way to be a uniter and finds a way to govern from the center. He's tried governing from the left, and it has failed him miserably.


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