Thursday, July 21, 2005

The State of Jim et al

I 'spose it's time to start actually blogging on my blog, so this can be my first attempt at living up to the title, though I am pretty much convinced that no one but me ever reads this stuff. So I guess spilling my guts to the whole world is still rather private.

The State of Jim:

I start my last undergraduate semester at CSUNorthridge in a few weeks. The class schedule looks like this: Senior Seminar in Narrative Writing, Issues in Astronomy (yeah, I know, but it's GE credit), Folklore, and my last class at AVC which will be an American history class. Oh, and I squeezed in a photography class, just because I want to take a class that can't help me at all toward my degree.

I wonder if the history class (colonization to cival war) will be a long thesis statement on why the war in Iraq is bad, like the last one I took's hoping. I can use a good fight. I wonder if I will have any Marxist professors this year. Last semester I had two, and even though I was the most royal pain in their supersanctimonious asses, they are the only ones I still want to talk to now that the semester is over. I wonder if every cute college girl that I make friends with this year will call me "sir" and treat me like their bald eccentric Uncle Jim.

Growing up sucks. Even dressing for college has been a challenge. Do I dress stylish to fit in? No way. The poser thing is not my style. Do I go in jeans, polo shirt and a Nascar hat? I have to admit it is kinda fun being the token redneck in a class of bleading-head liberals, the "white boy" representative in ethnic discussions, and of course the one that was losing his virginity when the rest of the school was still in training pants. So far I have been older than two professors, both who were doctors.

I wonder if I will get published this year. If that happens it will be the first New Years resolution I have completed since, um, ever.

I should start my Master's in English Writing in the Spring. My Master's Thesis will likely be a novel, but I guess I have to get into the program first before worrying too much about that. I am applying to be a Teaching Assistant as well, just so I can say I have a job if anyone asks. One day I may even be a college professor. Professor Jim. Hmm.

For some strange reason I am still holding out hope that I will be able to make a living as a freelance writer and not have to go back to writing Client Order Fulfillment Process manuals for some IT Service Industry company again. But I think I hear the wage-slave chains clanking. Getting published is hard. Too damn hard.

I finished the new Harry Potter book less than twelve hours after it was released to the public. That is right, I have no life.

I wanna be a hippie. But once they see me up close I think they'll just laugh and ask me what the hell I am thinking. Sigh.

The Rest of the Family

Jessica is almost thirteen, wearing a bra that is too big for me to deal (though not nearly as big as Susan was at her age, so there is hope), and is now on both her middle-school and the local all-star cheer squads. She can almost do her back handspring, and is currently in flyer class. She is on chapter 3 of the new Harry Potter Book.

Griffin is twleve and is talking about joining the junior marines in September. We'll see about that; his two year stint in football didn't go that well, but I am not going to tell him no. He is on chapter 5 of the new Harry Potter book. He reads about a 500 page book a month. Anyone who badmouths J. K. Rowling for being trendy can kiss my ass; she has done more for kids reading than all the RIF busses put together, and Griffin is living proof. He is a reading machine all because of Harry Potter books.

James is seventeen and is currently in a private school/group home in Petaluma, CA. It has been very rocky with him this year, but he seems to be on the path again; we are trying to be positive and he is giving us reasons to be lately. He has not tried to kill himself since Februrary. I don't think he reads books outside of school.

Susan is working too much because I am not. She is as energetic as ever but burning out. She is almost done with the Harry Potter book. She is looking forward to Darren's wedding at Burning Man, which is giving her the iron-clad reason to go that we just haven't had before. One way or another we will be there for it. She is, of course, as sexy as ever.

Chewy still sleeps under our waterbed (which is annoying as hell) and Mouse (our cat) still won't let anyone but me near her. I understand dogs but have no clue about cats, still. Perhaps Connie can fill me in. Or maybe it is just a chick thing and I am out of my depth.

I would post some short-short stories here if I thought anyone would actually read them. There is no reason to do it if no one but me cares, though. I mean, I HAVE to read them!

Anyways, that is me and mine. Give me a call or email if you want to chat. Until then, I'll be off in a corner muttering to myself.


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