Monday, March 21, 2005

April 24 is Worldwide Pinhole Photography day

So there I was in the bathtub, thinking about photography (yeah, I know) and suddenly I decided to start exploring pinhole photography. Below are a couple links that I found (after I got out; no I do NOT take the laptop into the tub with me). Anyways, I am currently looking at making a pinhole camera or two and working on a set of pinhole shots. Some of the possibilies are amazing, and it is probably the cheapest way to make a photo.

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day - obviously

The Pinhole Gallery - A good all-around site for info and great examples of pinhole work.

Pinhole Resource - Great all-around site for info, charts, etc. They also make and sell a number of pinhole cameras (like the de Vinci models) and even 35mm camera body caps for pinhole photography on your high-tech SLR--gotta love the poetry in that. This site is great for the technical details, such as hole size to focal length to exposure time.

Kodak Site: How To Make a Pinhole Camera - Some useful info from Kodak article on pinhole photography - A very good history and how-to on pinhole photography.

I'm making my first camera now, and will post what I make here by the day :) Maybe a trip to 165th street East to do an hommage to that famouse photomosaic "Pearblossom Highway" that is in the Getty. Something with gravesites too. Hmm. The possibilities are endless.

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