Thursday, October 14, 2004

Figgering It Out

This is the place where the "construction" sign should go. I am new to blogging, but as a writer and aspiring author I can see the value. Make fun of me. Point and laugh. I deserve it all. The world is pulling me into the modern age with all the brute force of a flushing toilet.

I am a wannabe.

These are my thoughts. If you are interested, you can write me. I have a tendency for extremely long and wordy responses. If I can't dazzle you with logic, then burying you with volume is the next best thing. :)

I am a believer in the emote as a valid form of poetic expression. :P

You may notice that all my opinions are up for grabs. I will always be certain when I write something. On the other hand, I will be just as certain when I write something that conflicts with a previous opinion I was so certain about. This is intentional. Nothing about me works, to be brutally honest, and the only way I can figure things out is to try them on for size. I have a tendency to pick a side diametrically opposed to you (whoever "you" is at any given point in time), which is why all my friends think I am an evil bastard. This is not intentional.

Philosophically, I am currently a harsh individualist. This pretty much means I blame you for all the problems you complain about, and if you really piss me off I throw Ayn Rand at you. "The Fountainhead" can make a real nice bump. I have a theory that Ayn Rand made "The Fountainhead" that big for exactly that purpose. I have a disregard for those that take themselves seriously. This includes myself.

Religiously, I am a devout agnostic. This makes all my friends mad at me. My atheist friends think I am indecisive prat (a valid point), and my religious friends think I am going to Hell (a valid point). When I feel particularly spiritual I read Joseph Campbell and maybe some post-modernistic poetry. That usually sedates such feelings. Again, I think that those who take themselves seriously have real issues that should stripped naked and exposed to the light of day. This includes myself.

Politically, I am an independent. Just don't ask me what that really means. This makes my friends mad. My liberal friends see me as an entrenched conservative (this is mostly true). My conservative friends think I am a liberal hippie (this is mostly true). I don't have any independent friends. If you want to be my friend, and you are an independent, maybe we can have a play date. I have no campaign posters. I have a visceral hatred of those who hate, for people who believe political party talking points, and for everyone that thinks they are smart because they believe something that their friends believe. People like that need to be taken out, stripped naked, and exposed for what they are. This includes myself.

To make a short story long, I take things as they come, comment on things as they hit me in the face, and am not married to my own opinions. The search for truth only really fails when you find it.

I have a tendency to be profoundish. I have a tendency to start sentences with the letter I. I am probably a undiagnosed and unmedicated egotist, but I will let you, my implied reader, be the judge of that.



Darren said...

Hey. Just testing to see if this works. Sorry it took me so long. I moved this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Just checking how this all works. Cool site you found. Hugs and Kisses to all.... Z