Tuesday, April 14, 2009

An Inspiration to Me

This mugshot of Phil Spector, famous music producer, creator of the wall of sound effect, and psycho gun-waving murderer is fast becoming an inspiration to me.

No, not in that way. My wife is safe. (Who am I kidding, if I threatened her she'd kick my ass down the street.)

However, this mugshot is awesome. You just know he was being a smart ass during his processing, trying to hold onto the last vestiges of his atrophying ego, and the guard just said "fuck it, you want it you got it." ::SNAP::

I have been mulling over a few horror story ideas and this mug has my juices flowing. If you willingly forget the context and just look at this photo as if he were some guy coming up to you on the streets of LA, what would you think or do? This pic is a dissonant note, hanging in air like a scream. Add the name "Spector" to it and it gets better. Phil the Spector. Damn, this guy looks like Rorschach unmasked.

I hope he carves something into his forehead while in prison. Manson needs the competition.

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