Friday, July 14, 2006

Update from the Duncan Clan

Here is some news from our house. Like most of my thoughts, it is a hodpodge of random tidbits of trivia that I find extremely important, and you probably won't. But you are the one reading it, so get a life.

I am now a Grandfather

Well, technically I won't be one for a few more months, but James is pregnant. He is currently engaged to a woman named Deanna and is helping to raise her 3yo boy named Donovan (I am sure I mispelled both of those names). We went up to see them in San Jose earlier this month, and they came down last week to visit.

It was a little sureal. So there I was with a little three-year-old on my lap, trying to figure out what my name was. Am I Grandpa or Papa or Nano, or just plain Jim? It was something of a crisis for me. I settled on Nano, which carries on a "Susan's family" tradition, since my family really has few traditions to speak of. Deanna is due in February of next year with James' progeny, which will make the whole Nano thing official for me.

Sticking with the strange qwerkiness of my family, everyone has chosen a strange name to be called. There will be precious few "Aunts" and "Uncles." Don't ask me who is who--I honestly have no clue and have to ask them constantly--but there is a Lala, a Nini, and I think a Tia or Shala thrown in for good measure. Susan is of course Nani, which made it an easier choice for me to be Nano. The murder of the Italian language goes on unabated in our family it seems.

James is doing well. He got his HS diploma (not GED), has enrolled in a local SJ community college, is on the football team as a defensive lineman, has his driver's license and a job. After achieving all of that in the space of a few months, hearing "oh, and we are having a baby" seemed to be anticlimactic. He has a tatoo on his ankle that says "Sobriety" and a date. I think this is the turnaround we have been waiting for as he seems to have decided to grow up all at once. Donovan and the new baby will finish that job for certain; it sure worked for me.

He and Deanna are engaged and plan to get married this September in a very small ceremony, with the big wedding ceremony planned next year when they can afford it.

Susan Quits her job

Finally tiring of her status as wipping-girl for the Case Management team, Susan gave her bosses the bird and handed in her resignation letter. It took her a lot of effort and guts to do it, but she was finally out from under the fat thumb of The Man (who in this case happens to be a woman, go figger).

... at least for a few days.

The Man didn't want her to leave, so he made her an offer she couldn't refuse. She is still working at the same place but under vastly different working arrangements, making her a lot like Michael Corleone: she tries to get out but they pull her back in. She is officially The Woman, now.

The Simpons in the Castle Club?

There is an episode of the Simpons where Marge says "...that night we joined the Castle Club." What I want to know is this: who let them in? I thought that required a point-of-order vote from the permanent members! Anyways, it was the episode where she and Homer get down and sloppy in a miniature golf course castle. Still, our club seems to be growing.

I was going to say that I saw a scene inspired by the Castle in a movie, but for the life of me I can't remember which movie it was. There is a mountain road with a long tunnel and a bridge that is the Castle bridge, except it is right in front of a large waterfall. Anyways, all of you Castle Club Members (at least the old ones who have actually been there) will know it when you see it. When my senior moment passes and I remember which movie we are in, I'll repost.

I am really earning my "Nano" title. If this is senility, I think I'll enjoy it.

Take care!


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